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About me & my work

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A photobooth portrait of Edi in black and white. They're a white person with short hair, wearing glasses and a t-shirt.

Hello, I'm Edi. I am a queer, trans non-binary, sick and disabled person. I grew up in Essex and I'm now based in Essex and East London.
Here's what I'm up to at the moment.

In my work...

I develop the people and projects that work to build a better world. This has included producing creative campaigns, designing and leading training programmes, facilitating workshops and holding community spaces, and developing resources. I'm particularly invested in creating accessible and inclusive projects that ensure that we effect change that can include everybody, building sustainable cultures for learning and development, and ensuring that we centre care and justice in all our movements and efforts. Some highlights have included leading the community education programme at Act Build Change, the pilot youth skills development programme for Creative Basildon, and a collective international exploration of time with Huddlecraft.

In my creative practice...

I like to make work about time. I use a predominantly lens-based practice to explore, reflect on and document experiences of the internet, sickness and disability, queerness and transness, and organising and community efforts. Informed and influenced by my work as an educator and campaigner, I take a participatory and collaborative approach. I’m also evolving my practice to be slower and more thoughtful with the aim of expanding accessibility for myself and others, and seeing my work within the wider timelines of broader movements and ecosystems I’m part of.

My work and my creative practice are inextricably linked. The projects I am involved in are best imagined sitting somewhere on a venn diagram of the two intersecting, sometimes a complete blurring of the boundaries, and sometimes distinctly one or the other - but always connected and informed by the bigger picture.